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   We broadcast every type of sport like Kabaddi, Cricket, Village Tournaments from within India (Specially in Punjab) on internet around the world. We broadcast from SD (standard definition) to HD (High definition). Star Kabaddi Also Provide latest information in field of sport's. And also provide information about player's, Match Officials', Kabaddi writer's and other personal related in filed of sport's.
         One new thing we have added in our service is that we provide live Score on screen. Starkabaddi.com is the first site in Punjab to provide such service. Star Kabaddi Provide Live streaming to all platform from Desktop to all smart phone (Android, IOS, Windows, BlackBerry).

Religious / Culturel Activite

  Other then sport's we also broadcast other activities like Religious and culture programs, Punjabi Stage program, Akhara's on our new website www.starbaani.com

Private Programms

  At Star Kabaddi we broadcast private programs on our New website www.starmarriagelive.com such as Marriage's, Party's Birthday Party's, Marriage Anniversaries', Akhand Path etc. With this service your friends, relative and yours near & dear once can join with you through our service. In Private programs we take care that no one without your permission can watch your programs. we provide you with a password, through this password you can watch your live private program. You can provide this password to those person to whom you want to join into your live programs.

Video On Demond

  With this service we publish your Recorded Video. on internet. Any person can watch recorded video on our website any time. We also publish all our live event other then private programs on internet net. So that if some miss the live event can watch it later.

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